For Velvet Evening Seance:

“Jim Harbourne’s subtle and expressive solo piano compositions perfectly set the suspenseful tone of the performance and build the feeling of tension underlying the narrative.” All Edinburgh Theatre

“The accompanying piano score, composed and played live by Jim Harbourne, is superb, sinister and dreamlike…” The Scotsman

For My Name is Irrelevant:

“Hall’s verse is accompanied by a live original score written and performed by Jim Harbourne. Using a drum box and guitar, the rhythmic music blends effortlessly with Hall’s poetry. The effect is almost hypnotic, dragging the audience further and further into the world of Hall’s creations.” The List

“Hall is joined onstage by guitarist Jim Harbourne, who provides Hall’s lyrical recitations with an atmospheric rhythm. Harbourne’s original pieces employ a variety of techniques that effectively mirror Hall’s own mixture of moods.” All Edinburgh Theatre

For Fisk:

“Set to Jim Harbourne’s stately score for piano and cello, McKay’s production has a defiantly slow pace – the better to reflect the man’s sense of helpless inertia.” The Guardian

For Feral:

“Technically, visually, aurally and politically, it’s a tremendous show.” The Scotsman